Turkey Pumpkin

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Turn your pumpkin into a turkey! No carving necessary for this cute craft.

What You’ll Need:
*Turkey Template, see attachment below
*Construction paper (brown, yellow, red, orange)
*10 Wooden skewers (like those use for kabobs)
*Pumpkin (printed as is, this works best with a small pumpkin)

*Print the turkey template below, either MS Word or PDF version. If you are using the template for multiple Turkey Pumpkins, we recommend printing them on a heavy cardstock paper. If you are using the template for a medium or large-size pumpkin, you will need to enlarge the template.
*You’ll only need the sharp end of the wooden skewers. Cut about two inches from the sharp end of the skewer.

*Cut out each piece of the turkey template. Trace and cut them out on the corresponding piece of construction paper.
*Glue the eyes to the head. Determine where you want to place the head. Put the sharp end of one of your two-inch skewers into the pumpkin in the approximate spot. You want the skewer about one inch deep.

*Poke a hole through the head about where the beak will be so you won’t tear the paper when you put it on the skewer.

*Glue the beak to the head overtop of the protruding skewer. Optional: Place a bead of glue on the backside of the head, around the skewer to help keep it in place.

*Next, determine the placement of the feet and put the skewers into the pumpkin. Poke a hole through the paper foot to prevent tearing. Place the paper foot on the end of the skewer.

*Follow the same procedure with the wings.

*For the feathers, follow the same procedure as the wings and feet. Arrange the feathers so that they fan out slightly and alternate colors.

*Allow the glue to dry, then place your pumpkin outside and enjoy!

Suggested Resources:
http://www.pumpkincarving101.com/pumpkin_carving_history.html -- History of Halloween and pumpkin carving
http://www.billybear4kids.com/games/downloads/PumpkinSmash/GamePage.html -- Free online Pumpkin Smashing game

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