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Check out our Holidays page for some GREAT Easter, Passover, Earth Day, Mother's Day, & Father's Day ideas!

Fossil Flowers - (ages 3 to 8) Make your own fossils using leaves and flowers from your yard.

Everlasting Flower Garden - (ages 3 to 8) A flower garden you can redesign over and over!

TicTacToe Garden Stone - (ages 5 to 12) Make a garden stone that doubles as a game board for the kids!

Homegrown Caterpillar - (ages 3 to 12) We've all heard of the very hungry caterpillar, now make your own very HAIRY caterpillar!

Five Little Ducks Song & Craft - (ages 3 to 6) Sing the "Five Little Ducks" song and do this cute activity to go along with it.

Earth Day Book Club - (ages 5 & up) Read The Wump World and Miss Rumphius and make your home or neighborhood a prettier place with our environmentally friendly activities.

Homemade Puppy Treats - (ages 4 & up) Show your dog that he's your best friend with these homemade treats.

What Kind of Dinosaur is a Thesaurus? - (ages 4 to 9) Learn about synonyms and antonyms by matching the baby dinosaur to its Mommy.

What's the Weather - (ages 3 to 6) A great activity for preschoolers who are getting interested in the weather!

Teddy Bear Picnic - (ages 1 to 5) "And that's the way the teddy bears have their picnic..." How do you have a teddy bear picnic? Enjoy a meal or snack outside with your favorite stuffed friends. Includes a link to the song video, too.

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt - (all ages) An earth-friendly activity for the whole family!

Earth Day/Arbor Day: Trees, Trees, Trees - (ages 2-9) Take time to appreciate the trees this Earth Day and Arbor Day with these great activities and books to read.

Turkey Letter Matching Game - (ages 2 to 5) Not just for Thanksgiving, your kids will gobble up this letter matching game any time of year!

Pumpkin Carving Templates - 3 easy templates to make cute animal carvings on your pumpkins! (stenciling the templates -- ages 7 and up, carving the pumpkin -- adult)

Fall and Your Five Senses - Fall is a wonderful time of year to experience nature with your children. Help your children explore this season by using their five senses. (ages 2 to 5)

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Popsicle Stick Puppet Theater

Popsicle Stick Puppets

Letter Dominos - (ages 3 to 6) Practice matching upper case and lower case letters with this fun game.

Clock - (ages 3 to 7) Practice telling time with this simple clock.

Lego Block Words & Sentences - (ages 4 to 9) Practice building words or creative sentences with Lego blocks.

What's In a Name? - (ages 4 to 8) Make these name mobiles that tell all about you!

Letter Rocks - (ages 3 to 7) Use these Letter Rocks for letter recognition, spelling, and more!

Letter Soup Game - (ages 3 to 7) Match letters to simple words or create your own silly words with this fun letter recognition game.

Dry Erase Word & Story Boards - (ages 4 to 10) Whether you're working on reading or writing, forming letters or creating stories, you can use these easy-to-make dry erase boards over and over.

What Kind of Dinosaur is a Thesaurus? (ages 4 through 8) January 18 is Thesaurus Day. Use this dinosaur activity to help children understand synonyms and antonyms.

Name Games, Part 3 - (ages 2.5 to 5) - 3 more Name Games for your child to play to learn their name.

Cookie Sheet Reading - (ages 3 to 7) A new, fun way to practice phonics and simple reading skills.

Name Games, Part 2 - 3 more Name Games for your child to play to learn their name. (ages 2.5 to 5)

Name Games, Part 1 - 3 Name Games for your child to play to learn their name. (ages 2.5 to 5)

Pretend Trip Abroad - (ages 2 to 10) Enjoy a pretend trip to a far-off destination.

Home Movie Theater - (ages 3 and up) Bring the magic of the movies into your living room!

Camp-IN with Firepit - (ages 2 and up) Can't go camping this year? That's OK! Make our firepit and set up a campground right in your own living room.

11 Road Trip Activities - (ages 2 and up) 11 great games, activities, and printables to keep your kids occupied while riding along in your automobile.

Water Experiments, Part 1 - (ages 3 & up) Bring water play inside on a too hot day with these great combinations of science and fun!

Water Experiments, Part 2 - (ages 3 & up) Bring water play inside on a too hot day with these great combinations of science and fun!

Tic Tac Toe Towel - (ages 5 & up) A fun way to take Tic Tac Toe with you to the beach or to play just in your front yard!

Aquarium-themed Snacks - (ages 3 & up) Make these deliciously simple snacks with your kids.

Foam Snakes - (ages 3 to 12) Make these foamy, bubbly snakes in seconds

Make Your Own Bubbles - (ages 3 to 12) Our recipe to make your own bubble solution

Bubble Unit - (ages 3 to 12) 6 different bubble-related activities including art, games, & science experiments.

Water Balloon Jugs - (ages 3 & up) A new way to play the traditional water balloon toss. Includes a link to an amazing water balloon video that you have to see to believe!

Super Soakers - (ages 3 & up) Stay cool outside without having to head to the pool!

Bean Bag Toss - (ages 3 & up) Make any design you want on this quick and easy game!

Bobbing for Ducks - A fun variation on bobbing for apples (ages 2+).

Bug Splat Game - (ages 2 & up) A great game to play indoors or out!

Giant Ring Toss - (ages 2 & up) A great game to play outside as part of a neighborhood carnival, or just for an afternoon!

Carnival-Themed Snacks - (ages 3 & up) Whether you're planning a carnival for your kids in the backyard, or for your whole neighborhood, we'll get you started off on the right food, we mean "foot"!, with these delicious snacks!

Treasure Stones - (ages 3 & up) Make these easy secret treasure stones: great for treasure hunts or scavenger hunts!

Animal Classification Unit - (ages 3 to 8) Learn about the different animal classifications with this great unit -- 6 Activities that include crafts, games, books to read, discussion topics, and activities to do.

Bug Noisemakers - (ages 3 to 10) Bring the sounds of bugs indoors, without all the nuisance of the actual bugs!

Potato Sack & Park Supply Bag - (ages 3 to 10) Make a personalized potato sack that doubles as a park supply bag.

Gone Fishin' Pole - (ages 3 to 8) Make a magnetic fishing pole and learn about magnets.

Living/Nonliving Unit - (ages 3 to 8) Learn the differences between living and nonliving things with this great unit -- 4 Activities that include books to read, discussion topics, and activities to do.

Hide A Rock - (ages 2 and up) Paint your rock, then hide it for your friends!

Sponge Tag - (ages 2 and up) A fun, wet twist on traditional tag. Great for parties or large groups of kids.

Flashlight Hide and Seek - (ages 3 and up) Gather up some flashlights and play Hide and Seek long after the sun goes down! Great party game for older kids at a sleepover.

Super-Cool Water Play - (ages 1 to 5) Use your toys to make an icy activity that will keep your kids super-cool this summer!

Balloon Pop Game - (ages 2 & up) A fun relay game you can play indoors or outside! Great for parties.

Crazy Races - Are your kids tired of the same old activities with just one week left of summer? Do these great Crazy Races and not only will everyone get some exercise, but they’ll have a blast! (ages 2 to 12)

Family Beach Scavenger Hunt - A fun, family beach activity (all ages, but at least one adult needed)

Basement Bowling - (ages 3 and up) My 9 year old came up with this game and did all the work (even the pictures) himself. Then he and his younger brothers spent hours on a snowy day playing in the basement!

Snow Day books, crafts, & activities -- (ages 2 through 8) A variety of books, activities, and crafts guaranteed to have parents and children alike wanting more snow days!

New Year, New Nutrition - (ages 3 and up) The new year is a perfect time to get your family back on a nutritious track with this big bunch of activities, crafts, and books.

Family Photo Memory Game - (ages 3 and up) Make this fun family memory game to help your kids keep connected with far-away family members.

Customized License Plates - Older kids will be challenged with creating a word or phrase that describes them and fit on a license plate, while younger children can write their name and decorate! (ages 3 to 10)

Apple Smiles - Your kids will be smiling as wide as these apple smiles when they make and eat this creative snack. (ages 2 & up)

Tic-tac-toe - Printable Tic-Tac-Toe boards and instructions.

Battleship - Printable Battleship game boards and instructions.

Chores Chart Made Simple - Now that the kids are back to school, it’s time to get back to responsibilities! Make chores around the house easier to keep track of with this simple chores chart. (ages 6+)

Staycation Activity Kit - (all ages) You won't need to go anywhere for vacation this summer with these 9 fun staycation crafts, activities, and games.

  • Olympic Torch - Make your own Olympic Torch for your very own Olympics! Includes a link to the Olympic theme song and some great "sport" suggestions.
  • Dreidel Game - It’s almost time for Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights. One of the most beloved traditions at this time of year is the Dreidel Game. Kids of all ages, nationalities, and faiths will enjoy this fun, easy game. (ages 3 and up)
  • Color Game - Stuck waiting for the flu shot, doctor's appointment, or traffic to clear up? Play this fun game -- no materials required! (ages 3 and up)
  • License Plate Game - A great, educational way to keep kids busy while on a long road trip. (ages 7+)
  • Cleveland, OH Scavenger Hunt - Cleveland ROCKS! A great family & friends activity to do in Cleveland. Fun for all ages, but you will need at least one person 18+ in the group.
  • Princeton, NJ Scavenger Hunt - Great for families, group outings, history buffs! (all ages, but you will need at least one adult needed)
  • Battleship
  • Tic-tac-toe
  • Dots and Boxes